• Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
    • The mission of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is to provide leadership to improve the criminal justice system in Virginia’s communities through effective training, partnerships, research, regulation, and support.
    • The vision is to be the national leader and Virginia’s premier criminal justice agency, creating dynamic system-wide solutions for public safety.
  • Office of First Responder Wellness (OFRW)
    • The mission of the OFRW is to adopt a public health approach to first responder wellness through primary prevention, early intervention, response, and recovery initiatives. This mission includes developing resources that save lives and improve the overall wellness of Virginia’s first responders.
  • Initiatives:
    • Primary prevention through public service announcements, the creation of the First Responder Wellness website, and training opportunities.
    • Early intervention through resource mapping, development of customized e-learning modules and evidence-based and data-driven training.
    • Response assistance through funding resources and strategic partnerships.
    • Recovery assistance through establishing a robust support system.
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